Breeding Programme Modelling with AlphaSimR

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A chicken on a farm on the left with a harvester in a field on the right
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By 2050, the world will require 70% more food for a global population of 9.6 billion. Breeding programmes are key for managing and improving populations in wild and domestic agriculture. So, how do we sustainably feed an ever-increasing population? How can we design and upgrade breeding programmes using data science? ​

In this course, you will develop skills to model breeding programmes for livestock, crop, insect and managed wild or captive populations using case studies in AlphaSimR. 

This course will help you learn: 

  • how to create and improve breeding programmes
  • tools such as modelling and big data can be used for breeding programmes
  • how to test different scenarios to meet objectives​ R scripting​
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  • Type of course
    Short course: Study a subject through videos, articles, discussions or quizzes.
  • Cost and certification
    Free, with option to upgrade for a certificate
  • Duration
    5 weeks
  • Weekly effort
    3-5 hours
  • Difficulty level
    Introductory: No previous knowledge required
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