Data Ethics, AI and Responsible Innovation (edX)

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This course explores the social implications of our increased use of data-driven technologies. Medical robots, smart homes and cities, predictive policing, artificial intelligences – all are fuelled by data and all promise new benefits to society. But will these innovations benefit everyone? Who stands to gain and who is put at risk? How can we ensure that data is part of a just and sustainable world?

Completing this course will: 

  • help you understand and articulate the critical challenges we are all facing around data
  • inspire you to design, criticise, and develop better intelligent systems to shape our future. 

This intermediate course is aimed primarily at professionals working in a related field. General IT literacy and secondary school maths are advisable. 

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  • Type of course
    Short course: Study a subject through videos, articles, discussions or quizzes.
  • Cost and certification
    Free, with option to upgrade for a certificate
  • Duration
    7 weeks
  • Weekly effort
    2-3 hours
  • Difficulty level
    Intermediate: May require some subject knowledge
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