Mental Health: A Global Priority

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Mental illness can affect anyone. It is an important cause of disability worldwide. However the pathways to receiving adequate and humane mental health care vary within countries and between countries. This mental health inequity is a challenge to be explored and overcome in order to attain better health for all nations. Participating in this course is a step towards overcoming this global challenge.

The videos in this open resource:

  • introduce fundamental concepts related to mental health and illness and
  • presents evidence for global mental health inequity
  • consider how factors such as stigma, violations of human rights, culture, spirituality, partnerships and technology may affect the pathways to mental health care.

These videos are free open resources originally created for the short course, Mental Health: A Global Priority. Although the course is not currently running, you can still work through the content in your own time using the videos in this open resource.

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This resource is hosted on the University's Media Hopper channel.

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