Observing the Earth from Space

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View of Earth from space.
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There are now over 600 satellites observing the Earth, with hundreds more to be launched over the next decade. Using a powerful new web tool, Earth Blox, you will be able to explore satellite data from anywhere on Earth. 

Learn how satellite data informs our understanding of the natural environment and the impact of human development, from uncovering information about climate change to how global deforestation is measured and the effects of pollution.

This course is designed for anyone interested in earth observation and the applications of satellite imagery. It will be especially useful for anyone working in businesses related to the space sector, or for students wanting to explore the topic before choosing further study and a career pathway. The development of this course was funded by the UK Space Agency and ESA.

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Everyone should have some knowledge of Earth Observation from space because we are all affected by it. This course provides an interesting introduction to the subject. Among other things, the course gives participants the opportunity to actually use satellites to study areas of their choosing anywhere on Earth.
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