The Sharia and Islamic Law: An Introduction

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Discover Sharia and Islamic law, and learn more about some of the diverse roles they play in Muslim life.

You will learn:

  • how Islamic law worked in the past and
  • how it adapted to social change
  • the impact of colonialism
  • the diverse manifestations of Islamic law in Muslim life today
  • the role of Islamic law in a wide range of human activity, from individual worship to marriage and divorce.

The course is open to anyone interested in learning more about how the Sharia has been understood in Muslim life and law in different parts of the world, both historically and today.

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Learner reviews
This course was excellent. It swept away some deep preconceptions and ignorance about what the Sharia and Islamic Law are really about.
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    Short course: Study a subject through videos, articles, discussions or quizzes.
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    Free, with option to upgrade for a certificate
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    5 weeks
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    Introductory: No previous knowledge required
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