Sustainable Global Food Systems

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People collecting food, a plate of rice and a place with green beans
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Feeding a growing population without exhausting global resources is a challenge. This course examines food security from a food systems perspective, exploring issues such as the environmental impact of food production and the public health impacts of current and future diets.

You will be introduced to:

  • the use of big data and modelling interventions such as sustainable agriculture measures
  • sustainable certification to dietary guidelines and behaviour change.

This introductory course is for anyone who is interested the key impacts that food can have on the environment and society.

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Learner reviews
The course was well-structured and organised for the comprehensive understanding of the global food system and its issues. I would recommend this course to those who study the topic for the first time.
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    Course: study a subject through videos, articles, discussions and quizzes
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    Free, with option to upgrade for a certificate
  • Duration
    5 weeks
  • Weekly effort
    3-5 hours
  • Difficulty level
    Introductory: No previous knowledge required
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