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Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Acquire new digital marketing skills, and gain confidence that you can apply them in any business setting.
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Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to create a digital marketing strategy for implementation in your business.
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Future is FinTech

Learn how technological advancements are reshaping financial systems and to build on participants’ knowledge of FinTech applications.
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Introduction to Marketing

An introduction to the role of marketing in a competitive marketplace.
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Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python

Learn the predictive modelling process in Python. Create the insights needed to compete in business.
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Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning

Learn how to build predictive models using machine learning.
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Statistical Predictive Modelling and Applications

Understand the application of Python-based statistical modelling techniques in a business environment.
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Successfully Evaluating Predictive Modelling

Learn how to use Python for evaluation and sampling in predictive modelling.