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AI in Society

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology functions within its societal context.
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Artificial Intelligence Planning

Gain a foundation in artificial intelligence techniques for planning.
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Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Learn about the origin and evolution of life and the search for life beyond the Earth.
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Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming

Learn how to program using Scratch, a very easy to use visual programming language.
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Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming (Spanish)

¿Alguna vez pensaste en crear tus propios juegos de computadora, pero no tenías idea cómo hacerlo o por dónde comenzar? 
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Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming (Arabic)

هل تمنيت من قبل تعلم البرمجة، ولكن لم تعرف من أين تبدأ؟ سوف تتعلم من خلال هذه الدورة التدريبية كيفية البرمجة بواسطة Scratch، وهي لغة برمجة مرئية سهلة الاستخدام. والأهم من ذلك، سوف تعرفك على المبادئ الأساسية للحوسبة وستساعدك على التفكير كمهندس برمجيات.
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Data Ethics, AI and Responsible Innovation

Our future is here and it relies on data. How can we ensure that data is part of a just and sustainable world?
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Data Science in Stratified Healthcare and Precision Medicine

Learn about the different types of data and computational methods involved in stratified healthcare and precision medicine.
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Digital Footprint

Explore and reflect on your own online tracks and traces, to understand why your digital footprint is important.
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Future is FinTech

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of how technological advancements are reshaping financial systems and to build on participants’ knowledge of FinTech applications. Delivered over 10 weeks with a mix of self-paced and live, facilitated discussions with participants from across the sector.
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Introduction to Predictive Analytics using Python

Learn the predictive modelling process in Python. Create the insights needed to compete in business.
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Observing the Earth from Space

Find out how the Earth is observed by hundreds of satellites, how they do it, and what this means for the future.
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Predictive Analytics using Machine Learning

Learn how to build predictive models using machine learning.
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Research Data Management and Sharing

This course will provide learners with an introduction to research data management and sharing.
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Statistical Predictive Modelling and Applications

Understand the application of Python-based statistical modelling techniques in a business environment.
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Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data

Data is everywhere, it drives our decisions and shapes our views and beliefs. But how can we make sense of it?  
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Successfully Evaluating Predictive Modelling

Learn how to use Python for evaluation and sampling in predictive modelling.
Supercomputing by PRACE


Discover how supercomputers work and the real-life scientific breakthroughs made possible by today’s computer simulations.
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The Discovery of the Higgs Boson

Learn the significance and importance of this famous particle.