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collection of AI planing photos

Artificial Intelligence Planning

Gain a foundation in artificial intelligence techniques for planning.
Todler playing with construction blocks toy

Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People

Explore how theories of psychological development can be applied within a wider societal context.
Critical thinking storm of ideas

Critical Thinking in Global Challenges

Practice and enhance your critical thinking skills while considering global challenges that affect us all.
Stained glass windows

Mental Health: A Global Priority

Explore the fundamental concepts related to global mental health inequity.
man with newspaper

The Making of the US President: A Short History in Five Elections

Explore the historical background to some of the key phenomena that shaped the controversy-laden campaign of 2016.
puzzle chips with the Scottish flag colours

Towards Scottish Independence? Understanding the Referendum

Engage critically and constructively with perspectives on Scotland's 2014 Independence Referendum.
hand introducing a vote

Understanding the UK's 2015 General Election

Gain an understanding of the UK's electoral system through an exploration of the 2015 General Election.